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If you purchase 10 or more lots of any individual item, I will give you a 50% refund for each of those items.   For instance, if you purchase 10 lots of f100 and 2 lots of f101, you will receive a 50% refund (not a discount at checkout, but a refund when the order ships) for the 10 lots of f100 but no discount on f101.

Due to covid 19, and the fact that I am in the vulnerable population, I will only be going to the Post Office on Fridays to limit any possible exposure.  Orders received by early Thursday each week should go out on Friday.   

We strive to be a great source for rare, beautiful and interesting vintage jewelry supplies.  

New items will be added to the front page weekly, so keep checking back.  

All purchases over $100 will automatically receive a 10% discount at checkout, purchases over $500 will receive a 20% discount and purchases over $1000 will receive a 30% discount.  This discount is in addition to any sale prices, bulk item discounts and closeouts.